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Welfare of conservancy staff.


Securing or removing dangerous building and reclaiming unhealthy locality.

Naming of streets and numbering of premises.

Printing annual reports.

Giving relief and establishing and maintaining relief works.

Taking census and granting rewards.

Paying the salaries and allowances, rent and other charges incidental to the Court of any stipendiary or honorary Magistrate.

Maintenance of grazing ground.

Appointment of staff.

To compromise the suit.

To keep accounts current.

Market and slaughter house rent.

Compensation for compromising the suit.

Determination of damages, compensation etc.

In addition to above, Standing Committee is functioning as Finance Committee and to perform other duties as entrusted by the Council.


    To accord administrative approval and financial sanction for execution of developmental work up to Rs. 10,000 / -.

    It is a sub ordinate to standing committee.

    To prepare project and proposal subject wise through standing committee.


    Lighting of public streets, places and building.

    Watering public streets and places.

    Cleansing public streets, places and sewers and all space other than the private properties.

    Removing obstructions and projection in public Street and spaces not being private properties.

    Constructing, altering and maintaining public street, culverts, municipal boundary marks.

    Define the limit of any alteration in limit of municipal area.

    Acquisition of land.

    Construction public building like town hall, municipal office, shop, dharamshala, opens air theatre, studio and Rest House.

    Maintaining public parks and gardens and also planting and maintaining road side and other trees.

    To lay out and make new Public Street including tunnels, bridges, sub- ways and other works.

    Issue notice for removal of part or portion of the building projecting beyond the regular line.

    Prohibition of projections other than surface projection on street.

    Revoke permission granted by the Chief Officer and to issue fresh permission in terms of section 184 (5).

    In default of owner or occupier execute the work and recover the expenses.

    Determination of damages, compensation etc.

    Making survey to declare any street as a public street.

At present all such duties and functions are performed by the Standing Committee


    Constructing, altering and maintaining markets, slaughter house, latrine, privies, baths, washing places, tanks.

    Public vaccination.

    Accommodation for calves, cows, or buffaloes for the supply of animal lymph.

    Disposing off night soil and rubbish with preparation of compost manure from such night soil rubbish.

    Closing of place for disposal of dead

    Provide and maintain municipal markets and slaughter house and issue license for private markets.

    Control over preparation of food, eating house, lodging house, dairy and business of milk, milk products, factory etc.